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New Work by Jarno Saren : From Millennium Images

© Jarno Sarén
New Work by Jarno Saren : From Millennium Images

You can see a portfolio of Jarno Saren's work here.

Helsinki Undercover is a series of photos taken by Finnish photographer Jarno Sarén. The project took shape after Jarno began noticing the same people making the same journeys throughout the capital.

What inspired Sarén to photograph these places was the particular nature of their location; often dark, dangerous and unwelcoming, the atmosphere of these corridors, subways and bridges would make those that pass through them feel uneasy. At the same time, each person makes a choice to still incorporate these pathways into their journey because they are vital shortcuts in one’s daily route. Without these vessels, the inhabitants of Helsinki would not have a quick and practical means of getting to prime locations such as their home, work space, and shops.

Sarén shoots with a voyeuristic style to create images from the perspective of a spy. In doing so, he provokes thoughts about the subjects in his pictures; wondering what the stories are behind each individual character and where they are heading. At the same time, many of the subjects wondered what the attraction was of photographing such uninteresting places. For this reason, the images hint at being an undercover project that no one understood while it was it was being shot, hence the title, Helsinki Undercover.

Edited by Kiri Scully

Fuente: Millennium

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